And we’re off….

Well, this is my first blog ever and I am not really sure how to start this, so I’ll jump in with a little background about some of the characters you will be hearing about. And yes, they certainly are characters.

My immediate family consists of me, Tara, my husband, Curtis, my 5 (almost 6) year old, Anthony, and my 5 month old baby, Jack. We live in Virginia about 10 minutes, (20 if Curtis is driving because he hits every red light in existence) from my parents, who the kids call Grandmother and Grampa.

The Family

Here we are!

Curtis and I each have a brother. Mine is Uncle Chris,  and Curtis’, Uncle Steve, is married to Aunt Melanie. Curtis’ parents Grammy and Grandpa Tom live about 8 hours away. You will also hear lots of tales about the dear friends in my life who are key players, but I want to let them know they will be written about before I start throwing their names around. Stay tuned for the hot nonsense once I have their ok. For more detailed info about me and my boys, check out the about us pages.


Tara is a stay at home mom to two sons. She is a lover of family, friends, food and laughter. Her life is a roller coaster ride full of hilarity, diapers, exercise and fun.

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2 Responses

  1. Grammy says:

    This is great. I loved hearing about the family. Makes me feel closer to VA. Will continue to check. Waiting to learn what you will say about Grammy and Grandpa Tom stories. Love ya.

  2. Grandmother says:

    Well, I am loving this already. Although, I am not sure how much I will love it when you start telling “Grandmother” stories (cookies and ice cream). Will be checking in each day. Love from me!

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