Kindergarten no more!

Kindergarten draws to a close!

Anthony's first day of school. Note the strategic lack of eye makeup on Mommy.

I can’t believe it, Kindergarten is almost over! We had the end of the year picnic today. It was fantastic, except for the crying. Why were the kids crying you ask? Well, they weren’t. I was! It feels like 5 minutes ago we were sitting in this strange room with lots of colorful signs and very small chairs meeting the women who were going to be in charge of my sweet boy for most of his waking hours each day, and now we have to leave them. It’s also so strange to me that when we were in that room for the very first time, Jack was still in my belly.

Watching Anthony learn to read, write, do fractions (that’s right, FRACTIONS, we were working on not eating glue when I was in Kindergarten, not FRACTIONS!) has been unreal. I’m so proud of everything he has done this year and am beyond blessed with the wonderful teachers he had.


What did I learn?

1. That it is possible for a 5 year old to survive (and even thrive!) with someone other than Mommy watching them all day.

2. If you are a neurotic, overbearing, super uptight Mommy, (ahem) be VERY nice to your kid’s teachers from day one. There will come a day when you want to grill this poor person about every single moment your child has spent with them (parent teacher conferences) and the better your relationship is, the easier it will be for you to ask the questions you really want to ask.

3. Volunteer in the class! It’s the best way to learn about what your child does during the day, and it really helps the teachers and kids.

4. Always talk to the teacher when you have a question or concern. It’s our job to be an advocate for our child. We also are the teachers who will be with them every year as they grow up. I found that Anthony’s teacher was very willing to give suggestions on what we could do to help him improve at home. He had HORRIBLE writing at the beginning of the year, but was the most improved writer in the class by the end! (Yes, I’m bragging, it’s my blog, I get to do that!!)  😉

5. Help the room mom. She does a ton of work behind the scenes to help make sure your kid (and the 31 others in the class) have a fun year! Kindergarten parties and field trips are incredibly loud, but they are also a lot of fun. Always offer to help whenever you can. Plus your kid feels like a rock star when their MOM is in their classroom!

6. You will survive the first day of school.

7. WEAR DARK GLASSES when you put your child on the bus. You will cry. As will all of the other Kindergarten moms. Just try to hide it until the bus turns the corner.

8. If you have the space, create an art gallery where you can display the masterpieces that your child brings home.

9. Don’t feel bad about recycling the other 99% of the papers that your child brings home. Unless you are auditioning for an episode of Hoarders, you have to be brutal or you will be completely overrun by papers.

10. Don’t blink. The year goes by in a flash.


Tara is a stay at home mom to two sons. She is a lover of family, friends, food and laughter. Her life is a roller coaster ride full of hilarity, diapers, exercise and fun.

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  1. Celeste says:

    If your garage walls are finished with drywall they make a fantastic place to display those works of art & it will take a long time to run out of room 🙂 Just staple them to the wall and enjoy!!!

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