Late Night Diet Destruction

I don’t know about you, but I find that the hardest time for me to control what goes into my mouth is after 9 pm. This is the time when the kids are in bed, the house is mostly pulled back together and I have a chance to sit down, and maybe even watch a little tv!! I try to avoid the mindless munching, and the temptation of the kitchen, but it’s all right there!

My husband, is a snacker. He loves chips, pretzels, cheetos, anything salty and crunchy (ie LOUD!!!). So as I sit trying to watch my educational programming, (Real Housewives, Toddlers in Tiaras, etc etc) I can hear him eating. Chip bags rustling, cheetos crunching…. it’s like the dieter’s equivalent to water boarding. The problem is, once I open the flood gates, it’s a feeding frenzy. One small handful of pop chips turns into the rest of the bag which segues to a Weight Watchers Popsicle, which turns into a piece of cheese, then a bowl of cereal, which eventually leads to me standing in the pantry eating handfuls of chocolate chips while chugging milk straight from the carton. NOT AWESOME!

I have found two solutions that work MOST of the time. I’ll be honest, about once every three weeks, I cannonball off of the healthy eating wagon and find myself back in the pantry with that damn bag of chocolate chips…. (WHY DO I STILL HAVE THEM IN THERE!?!?!) In fact it happened just last night… But MOST of the time these three tricks work:

1. FROZEN GRAPES. Frozen grapes are free on the WW program. When you freeze them, they taste sweeter and because they are icy, they give you a satisfying crunch. The extra chewing makes you feel like you are eating more than you are, and its frosty sensation makes you think of summer treats like Popsicles or Italian Ices. I buy the huge container of grapes at Costco and wash them all at once and immediately freeze at least half of them. If they are in the freezer, I will usually go right to them. It keeps the munchy monster contained.

2. COOL WHIP and Sugar free Jell-O. Cool Whip just makes everything better. Cool Whip (Free) scooped on fresh fruit makes for a good snack that feels like a dessert. Sugar free Jello has 10 calories per serving and is free on every type of eating plan I have ever been on. It’s sweet and let’s face it Jell-O is wiggly and fun! It’s also CHEAP. Buy the boxes and make it yourself. It takes less than 5 minutes to mix up in the morning while you are making breakfast, then then toss it in the fridge and it’s there in it’s brightly colored glory just waiting for you at the end of the day.

Having fresh fruit and veggies on hand has been a HUGE help for me. But they have to be washed and ready to eat. I keep blueberries, grapes, cherry tomatoes and cut up strawberries in large bowls where I can just grab a handful if I feel the urge to munch. Easy is key. If I have to wash, or peel something, it’s far less likely to happen. But if I can just grab a bowl, dump in some strawberries, add a dollop of Cool Whip Free on it, I am golden.

3. GO TO BED. That’s right. This is particularly effective if your bedroom is on a different floor than the kitchen. If I have to go up and down a flight of stairs to get a snack, I’m really going to think about whether or not I REALLY want to eat it. Usually the answer is no. It’s just the mindless hand to mouth that gets me in trouble. Plus, let’s face it, we all need more sleep. By going to your room, you are way more likely to fall asleep (with or without the tv left on). More sleep + less eating = victory!



Tara is a stay at home mom to two sons. She is a lover of family, friends, food and laughter. Her life is a roller coaster ride full of hilarity, diapers, exercise and fun.

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