Mommy’s PTO

I don’t know about you, but when I accepted my job as Mommy, they forgot to give me the benefits package at the hospital. I keep trying to put in for vacation, but no one seems to listen! So I’ve figured out that you have to take your breaks where ever you can.

On Sunday mornings I have started taking off around 8am or so to go for a loooong bike ride. I’m usually gone for 60-90 min. I ride to 7/11 to pick up the paper (I’ve decided to try this couponing thing, you’ll be reading about that effort soon, I’m sure!) then I cruise along the roads, ride through the nearby neighborhoods, and usually end up at a nearby lake. I LOVE it. It’s my peaceful time. I feel like it centers me for the week and I get my exercise done for the day as well! (Bonus!!)

Of course this means Daddy is in charge of both boys. Now you may think this wouldn’t be a big deal for such a short window of time. Sadly, you would be wrong. Here’s evidence of what I walked into the first time I left him in charge of the two kids… keep in mind, I was only upstairs showering, gone for maybe 12 minutes…

In case you can’t tell, Daddy is out cold with the baby in his arm slanting towards the floor and Anthony is just standing on the couch, looking awfully guilty. This is literally the scene I walked into. As is family tradition, I whispered “DON”T MOVE”  to Anthony and grabbed the camera!

The next time I left them for about 30 min to run to Target. I walk in to the baby screaming and Anthony wrapped up in packing tape. He was trying to cut it off of himself with a letter opener. AWESOME.

Since then Curtis has managed to learn how to balance a little better with the two boys and I have learned to just accept that things are NOT going to be done the way I would do them.

Like today, I got a late start on my ride because Daddy and Anthony had “guy time” at Dunkin’ Doughnuts. (I had oatmeal at home, thank you very much).  Curtis put Jack down for his nap while I was showering after my bike ride (clearly my showering leads to trouble at my house!) Worked out well. He got a chance to relax this afternoon for a bit while Jack slept and I took Anthony to the pool. It wasn’t until tonight that I discovered that there were NO SHEETS or mattress pad in the crib. AHHH. Poor Jack slept on the plastic cover of the mattress!!! I politely mentioned this to Curtis who replies with “What? He slept fine with no sheets.” sigh.

Despite all of this, I really do feel it’s so important for us to get a little personal space. We need it! So, the kids may not all be clean, the house may be destroyed, but everyone will survive if Mom leaves for an hour or two. (Just be sure to hide the packing tape before you go!)

Do you have any crazy stories from when you left Dad in charge? Share them below! I love to hear about the hot nonsense!


Tara is a stay at home mom to two sons. She is a lover of family, friends, food and laughter. Her life is a roller coaster ride full of hilarity, diapers, exercise and fun.

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