When life gives you lemons…

Recently I started giving Anthony an allowance. He has a few chores he needs to complete: making his bed, putting away his folded laundry, helping me set the table and clearing his place. For this he earns 50 cents a week. Well 3 weeks into it, he realized it was going to take a REALLY long time to earn enough money to buy the Buzz Lightyear gun he wants (yes, apparently  we need ANOTHER one). So I suggested he ask Daddy for some extra chores.

Apparently he didn’t want to have to rely on his old man, so he took matters into his own hands, declaring that he would be opening a lemonade stand!

When I was a kid, I ALWAYS wanted to have a lemonade stand, but for some reason, we just never did it. So when Anthony got it in his head that he wanted to have one, so I said SURE!

Now, Anthony clearly subscribes to my family’s policy of “anything worth doing, is worth over doing.” (This is why there were 70+ guests at his first b-day.) (Yes, I know that’s because I am crazy and it had nothing to do with him!) So I knew this would be an enormous undertaking. I did not realize it would involve arts and crafts, baking, cooking, marketing and economics.

He had a plan. First, we needed signage. Easy enough (you would think). I had purchased poster board last week (on sale, with a coupon, for 33 cents, thank you very much). On Thursday he got to work. There were illustrations of lemons, glasses of lemonade, and cryptic code which denoted his prices. Unfortunately, since he went with a red poster (his favorite color) the yellow marker looked orange. This morning he decided this was CLEARLY unacceptable. So I found myself cutting out yellow tissue paper and boards for him to attach to his sign at 7 am on a Saturday morning.

Yesterday was cookie day. We baked over 5 dozen cookies! (not terribly helpful for the diet, but I LOVE to bake and baking/cooking with Anthony is one of my favorite things in the world. We had a BLAST!

Of course waiting is the hardest part…

waiting sucks!

But being able to taste test makes it all worthwhile!

We also made 3 gallons of lemonade.

His instructions required us “gather all of the lemonade stand stuff”. This included a table, cooler, cookies, umbrella, chairs, change and 3 different sizes of cups. Here’s where his marketing/economics came in.

His pricing plan was this:

Kids ages 4,5 and 6 receive a free small lemonade.

Kids 7 and up, get a medium for 50 cents.

Adults have to pay $1.00 and receive a large cup.

Everyone gets a free cookie. (Apparently if you are under age 4 you can’t be served at this stand.)

I asked him what would happen if an adult wanted a medium? “He STILL pays $1.00” (No breaks!)

I dug out three sizes of cups (got his approval on them, of course), put Curtis in charge of the umbrella and table and laid out everything else. After a good 20 min of trying to find the folding table (at 10 pm last night) Curtis declares it to be missing. I suddenly remember we left it with a neighbor 6 weeks (!) ago!!!! I was supposed to go get it and totally forgot!! (Sorry, neighbor!!!) I send off an email praying that they haven’t left for the weekend.

The Big Day Arrives!

7:04 am Anthony shows up in my room, dressed, chores complete, ready to head out!

7:05 am He decides the sign is not acceptable (see earlier comment about arts and crafts at 7 am).

7:15 am I break the news that we aren’t opening until after 10.

9:00 am Daddy rolls downstairs, offers to take the boy to breakfast. I call the neighbor who is about to leave town, Curtis picks up the table and the two of them head to chick fil a.

Mommy waits.

and waits.

and waits.

10:30 they roll in. I patiently explain that I need to go to the store, which I have been trying to do since 7 am (a girl’s gotta get her coupon on you know) and I roll out.

11:30 back to the car with my purchases ($90 saved thank you very much) only to discover that the table for the lemonade stand is still in the back of my car. NOT. AWESOME.

I head home, figuring they must have come up with a solution, and see this:

Apparently they had a ton of customers. (I wonder how many of them were looking for a Heineken?!?)

Three days of prepping, three DOZEN left over cookies and enough money earned for the Buzz gun. Life is good! 🙂


We will be back out tomorrow morning. (Hopefully with beer!)


Tara is a stay at home mom to two sons. She is a lover of family, friends, food and laughter. Her life is a roller coaster ride full of hilarity, diapers, exercise and fun.

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  1. Kelly says:

    He needs a fan page!!! 😉 I LOVE children entrepreneurs more than almost anything!!

  2. natalie says:

    I saw that stand as I was coming home (from the rollins ford direction) and was wondering what CURTIS was doing….no sign of Anthony at the time 🙂 I hope Curtis got a little “cut” of the money Anthony made!

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