No seriously… Who Let the Dogs out??

Wow! My Anthony is officially six years old! While the number is not all that shocking, it’s the way he acts, talks, moves, everything he does just seems so much older than a year ago. He says things that BIG kids say. He cracks jokes, he does more and more for himself. It’s very cool and a little scary all at the same time.

Speaking of scary, we had his birthday party this past weekend. Now one of the MANY things that Curtis and Anthony have in common is that their respective birthdays often fall during a holiday weekend. Curtis is always around Memorial Day at the start of summer, and Anthony around Labor day at the end. Because of this, we usually get a 50% acceptance rate on party invitations. I guess everyone decided to stay home this year. We had 27 (yes, 27) children at my house this weekend. Most of whom were 6 years old. No big deal, we planned an outside party with a moon bounce and outdoor games. 27 kids? 60 total guests? no sweat….. enter Hurricane Irene….. Fortunately, we didn’t lose power, the storm was mostly gone by party time and it was nice enough that we were able to get outside for cake and popsicles at the end of the party.  UNfortunately, the residual winds were enough that the moon bounce was no longer an option. So for 2 of the 3 hours of the party, we were inside.

I told Anthony’s Kindergarten teacher, (who was awesome enough to come to the party!) that I was gaining respect for her by the second! Now I will say, it was a TON of fun for Anthony. The kids seemed to have a great time and my house is still standing! I loved watching them play games, and boogie.

We started the party with a craft table set up for everyone to make their own goodie bag. I got plain white paper bags from Michael’s and I had each guest write their name on a bag and decorate it with stickers and crayons or markers. Then they got a “team” name tag and went downstairs for “freeze dance”. I had made a party playlist that was age appropriate yet still fun to dance to(which is much harder than you would think, there was a lot of  “Who Let the Dogs Out, Kung Fu Fighting, Danger Zone, etc… I may need to just invest in Kid’s Bop for the next party!)

After all of the kids had arrived we started the games. The way I set it up was that there were three teams. Which ever team won the game, earned a ticket. At the end of the party, they could trade in their tickets for prizes! (I also put a ticket into every gift bag so that I knew everyone would have at LEAST one, even if they didn’t win any of the games.) We  had upstairs games and downstairs games. First game downstairs was “Pin the stars on Tedy Bruschi”. We have a life sized Tedy B cut out on the wall and I used star shaped post it notes. It would have worked out a little better if the kids weren’t all crotch height. Tedy was certainly well decorated by the end of the night.

I found a fantastic website full of fun game ideas, check it out HERE. Upstairs we had a two team competition of the game “Electricity”. There was one near miss with two enthusiastic boys racing to the finish line, but beyond that, it went well. Other games were “The Blob”, “Everybody’s it” and we had relay races where two teams raced to fill an ice bucket with styrofoam peanuts using a small plastic cup. Definitely the hits of the day were “Limbo”, I even downloaded the limbo song online and got some HILARIOUS pictures of the kids, and a balloon drop that we did. We blew up 35+ balloons, put them in large leaf bags then dumped them over the loft into the family room while the kids looked up from below. They all screamed and cheered like it was a rock concert. It was awesome!!!!

  My mom and father-in-law also ran a face painting station for the kids, and Curtis ran the over 21 room for the grownups in our bar room. 🙂

All and all a fun time was had by everyone, I had wonderful help from some great friends and most importantly, the birthday boy had a BLAST!




Tomorrow we are off to meet Anthony’s first grade teacher. It’s still crazy to me how fast he is growing up, but I am very excited to see what the next year holds!



Tara is a stay at home mom to two sons. She is a lover of family, friends, food and laughter. Her life is a roller coaster ride full of hilarity, diapers, exercise and fun.

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  1. Jeri-Ann says:

    I love the ‘games’ website! Will definately utilize this for my girls next big day…

  2. Heather says:

    Hey, who is that HUGE 6-year-old in the leopard print top doing the Conga? Someone should lay off the steroids. Just sayin’.

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