Some days it all just works… then there are days like today.

It’s one of THOSE days. You know, the kind where you think that maybe you should have become a nun, or run off to follow Phish as they tour around the country back when you still had the chance… yeah, that kind of day.

It began at 7 am when the power went out for no particular reason. Turns out that was actually the most peace and quiet I’d have today.

You see I have a theory. The first day back from a trip is busy, but you are still happy to be home and still on a high from the good times of the trip. The kids are excited to see their toys, you have the laundry started in the machine, and sure, there are some suitcases around still, but that’s alright, you just got home the night before. No stress.

Then the next day hits. Your lack of sleep catches up with you, the house has somehow gone from a few suitcases to mountains of crap everywhere, you are going on the second or third day without working out, you’ve had pizza or fast food for the last 6 or so meals, the kids are overtired, whiny and miserable yet you have no choice but to bring these angry little people to the grocery store with you (much to the dismay of the other unsuspecting patrons). The grocery bags you keep in the car are missing because the car is still all out of whack from the trip so you have to carry everything from BJs into the house one giant item at a time, meanwhile, the older one and younger one appear to be in some sort of demonic competition to see who can throw the bigger tantrum. The baby refuses to do anything other than scream and throw food while all you want to do is put the freaking milk and cheese into the fridge, the bigger one is yelling about how he is STARVING, and you suddenly realize that you left the eggs in the hot car about 30 min ago… and your spouse has gotten the hell outta dodge and headed back to the sanctuary of the office.

Sound familiar? Does anyone else experience this phenomenon?!?

Hopefully by tomorrow I will have regrouped and have gotten some of this nonsense taken care of. Today, in between dealing with maniac episodes (from both kids) I will begrudgingly make a list of all that needs to be accomplished, try to serve a real dinner, and every now and then find a hiding spot for a few minutes to collect some sanity (like I am obviously doing right now… thank God for Nick Jr.).

And by God, I WILL workout today. If I do nothing else for myself, I will make it happen… hopefully before midnight hits! OK, their show is over, back to the battle…. ROUND TWO… FIGHT!


UPDATE: After posting this, I left the office to find that the baby had thrown raspberries from the kitchen into the family room, all over the rug. And Anthony had managed to step on (and smash into the carpet) almost all of them. My rug looks like it has chicken pox.


Tara is a stay at home mom to two sons. She is a lover of family, friends, food and laughter. Her life is a roller coaster ride full of hilarity, diapers, exercise and fun.

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