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I realize that I am totally caught up in the posts about my current weight loss challenge. As I have mentioned before, I tend to obsess over projects, events, etc.

So here’s an update on my silly boys, our crazy household and all the fun and feisty adventures around here.

Anthony is playing baseball and for the first time, the kids actually are more interested in playing the game instead of  kicking up dust clouds in the outfield. It’s really cool to see the teams mature as we move from t-ball to coach pitch to Single A division. They aren’t quite ready for MLB, but it’s so cool to see them really start to understand the mechanics of the sport and to have that knowledge of how to play.

Anthony was given the game ball at the first game of the season!

He is doing really well in second grade. There’s a significant difference between this year and last year in  his level of independence. His sense of humor is really developing and I find him saying things that I remember saying when I was little. He does a great job of handling his wild brother, and his reflexes have improved tremendously thanks to Jack’s tendency to interchange kisses, bites, and headbutts.

It’s Pats season!

This past weekend was the US version of my brother’s wedding celebration. He got married in Holland where he and his husband now live so they wanted to have a party for all of the friends and family here. It was WILD TIMES. Let’s just say the restaurant, wait staff (and the gigantic iron statue of a horse which was unfortunately placed into the banquet room for decoration) will NEVER be the same.

The ladies… and one lucky man! 😉

I have a very loud, boisterous family and we love to laugh and party, so get everyone together and it’s an absolute riot. My husband stayed home with the kids (apparently aiming for Sainthood… or angling for a weekend away with the boys) for the restaurant portion of the party, so I brought my buddy Heather as a date. She had met a few of my relatives but never the entire crowd. Suffice it to say she was well entertained through out the day and evening!

Jack has reached new heights in his wild demeanor. Literally! He has discovered the wonder that is a step stool. He will often just stand on it in the middle of the room… just because he can. Too bad for me, most of the time he uses it to do things like climb onto a table or bookcase. We have taken baby proofing to the next level… I’ve basically had to just store everything that’s 4 feet or below.

He is as funny as ever, and just continues to get faster and faster by the day. He LOVES to run across the room and dive onto you, whether you are sitting on the couch, floor, standing, doesn’t matter. If you are sitting on the floor, get ready because he will do a stage dive from the ottoman onto your body, whether you are ready for it, or not!!

A few days ago I had stepped into my office for a minute. He came in with me and after repeated attempts to climb onto my lap, he got bored and ran out into the family room. 15 seconds later I come out to find him standing on top of the bookshelf, with a small metal flower vase in hand trying to drop it directly into a larger glass flower vase. He had already pulled out the original contents of the large vase, tossed them onto the floor and had dropped in a few toys before the attempt at the METAL meets glass experiment. ( I apologize for not getting a picture of that one…)


Curtis is trying to keep sane while living with the three of us! It’s a rough job, but it has to be done!! 😉 Don’t worry too much about him though, he finds his moments of quiet…

It’s a hard knock life…

So that’s about it. Enjoying the fall and time with family and friends. This is by far my favorite time of year so we are trying to do as much outside as we can. Hope you are all enjoying it as well!

Anthony does his best Godfather impression


Tara is a stay at home mom to two sons. She is a lover of family, friends, food and laughter. Her life is a roller coaster ride full of hilarity, diapers, exercise and fun.

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  1. Kristy says:

    Hmmm…Stage diving?!? Jack, let me tell you this story about your Mama. See, when we were in college….

  2. Areli Glenn says:

    Funny!!! Love reading your stuff!

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