Riding the Express Train to Crazy Town!!! (And lots of tips from my trip to the Dr!)

I can generally get a feel for what kind of day we are going to have just by listening to the comments that come out of my own mouth before 9 am. Here are a few gems from today:

“No, Anthony, you can’t bring your bed to school.”

“Jack, stop smacking your brother with your toast!”

“Anthony, stop hitting yourself and eat your breakfast!”

“No, Jack, you can’t have cheese-its at 9 in the morning!” As he grabbed the bag and ran to the highchair. (He then took off with said bag and hid it under the couch.)

They look so sweet and innocent…

If I hadn’t heard myself actually say these things, I may not believe it! 🙂 But that’s what passes for normal around here. Jack is on the fast track to the terrible twos. He has VERY definite ideas about what he does and does not want to do, eat, play with, etc. Standard for an almost 2 year old. The difference with him is that he is way more physical than Anthony was, so he usually manages to figure out a way to get to what he wants… as I just watched him move his highchair across the floor, climb up on it and then while standing on the seat, lean halfway over the table so that he could get to the Halloween decoration I have as a centerpiece. It’s like living with a monkey!

Paging Dr. Jack….

Anthony spent a fair amount of time this weekend testing limits. I find this happens every so often. It’s almost like a periodic safety inspection. Just checking to make sure the rules are all the same.  For his efforts he was rewarded with the loss of his bedroom door for two days. He is a chronic door slammer and I had warned him that if he slammed his door again, I would take it off. Apparently, he thought I was bluffing. (I wasn’t.) Fortunately, his stress test of my parental limits appears to be over (for now). His door is back on the hinges and he has been quite pleasant to be around. 🙂

Looks a little maniacal, doesn’t he?!?

What else is happening around here? Well, I have a few 5K races happening, one this Sunday, one next Sunday and then a Turkey trot, so a few weeks back I re-started the couch to 5K program. I am up to a 5 min warm up, 28 min run, 5 min cool down. It’s actually going pretty well. I don’t DREAD running, which is a big difference from last time. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t love it, but it’s starting to suck less. (I may have a different opinion Monday am… we will see!)

I am actually looking forward to the races for a few reasons 1. I am running with a great buddy who I don’t get to see as often as I would like! (And another good friend of ours is supposed to be joining us for the next two!!) 2. We are not looking for medals or to beat the clock, we just want to get out there and have some fun. 3. Who doesn’t love a free t-shirt?!?

I did get in to see my doctor for my physical and I met with a nutrition specialist in the office. She gave me some tips to try. I promised I would share, so here you go.

Her  main points are:

First. It is imperative to eat with the first 30 min that you are awake. She says this window of time sets the tone for your metabolism for your day.  If you do not eat first thing in the am, your body thinks you are not going to feed it and it goes into starvation mode, cutting your metabolism down and holding on to what you do eat as fat for later.

As I told her, I NEVER do this. Mornings are pure pandemonium around here, especially on school days. Some days, I’m lucky if I manage to get to the bathroom within the first 30 min I am awake. Make breakfast for myself? HA! She suggested trying a protein shake. I agreed that this sounded like a good compromise. (I still haven’t gotten to the store to get them… ahem, but I will!) I have been eating earlier, it’s usually within the first 60 min that I am awake and it does seem to be helping.

I also have been eating lunch earlier. I found that I was waiting to eat until Jack went in for his nap and by then I was starving and would just shove anything I could get my hands on into my mouth. I realized with tracking that I was having more than a few days where I would put down 800+ calories just at lunch. NOT AWESOME. So I am eating lunch around noon with a snack around 3-3:30. (Sometimes a late morning snack if I need it. Dinner around 6, then that’s it.

The nights I do NOT eat after dinner, I have a loss on the scale the next day. Nights I do eat late, even if I am under calories for the day, I have crazy vivid nightmares and I don’t have a loss in the am. That’s just me, but it’s always the case. Plus when I do eat late, it’s almost always garbage food.

The second focus is on WHAT I am eating. She said the calories, while good to know where I am, should not be my biggest focus. That I should be looking at food for protein and carb ratios, and to go heavy with protein. The reasoning behind this is to maintain sugar levels, to avoid the drop which leads to a strong hunger, which, then leads to over eating and cravings. (All stuff we all know, but just don’t really do, right?) Big advocate for nuts, low fat cheeses and fruit as snacks.

So I am working on doing all of this. Typical breakfast is either Greek yogurt with bran buds cereal on top for crunch, or 2 eggs and 1 slice of whole wheat toast. Snacks are things like cottage cheese with franks red hot (no judging! I LOVE my hot sauce!!) and sometimes I’ll add in some baked tostitos with that if I am craving a salty treat.

I also have been doing a LOT of

healthy cooking. Lots of crock pot stuff. I am getting most of my recipes from skinnyms.com. Here’s one of our family favorites: http://skinnyms.com/ginger-infused-honey-chicken/ I use agave nectar instead of honey. The kids tear it up, it has a lot of flavor and I serve it over quinoa!

So far it’s going well. My total calories (you didn’t really think I’d stop being all over that number did you?!?) is about 1200-1300 a day, and I switched my workouts to night time, usually after the kids go to bed. So far, so good. Weight is definitely coming off. I am at the halfway point of my 31 challenge! 15 to go!!!

So I’m still plugging along… I will let you all know how this new plan continues to work. Stay tuned… and if you see Jack walking up to your door… hide your cheeze-its!

“I know you’ve got Cheeze-it’s in that bag…”


Tara is a stay at home mom to two sons. She is a lover of family, friends, food and laughter. Her life is a roller coaster ride full of hilarity, diapers, exercise and fun.

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