The Good, The Bad, and The Scale…

First the good news… My number is down to 21. I’ve lost 10 pounds!

The Bad… There was a lapse tonight involving chocolate chip cookies. I’m betting the number won’t be 21 tomorrow.

The Scale…. I won’t know it it’s not 21, because I’m not weighing in tomorrow! HA HA! Take that scale!
Ok, So I admit it, I’m obsessed with the scale. I know you aren’t supposed to weigh every day. I do. I think it helps me. If I am doing well, it’s (usually) inspiration to keep up the good work! If I am NOT doing well, it’s (usually) motivation to get my butt in gear. Sometimes this backfires. I take the good results for granted and get a little slack and carried away with my celebration (aka tonight’s cookie incident). Or sometimes I take the bad results and say “Screw it, it’s already blown, what’s a few potato chips!”

So I am TRYING to avoid the scale at least for tomorrow. I have a physical on Tuesday, so I will hold off until then. (And will be really good tomorrow so that we have good numbers on Tuesday!!)

More good news, my workouts have been on track. I actually had a few days of double workouts this week (4 days of them) and I am feeling great for it. Been doing the Jillian Michael’s 30 day shred. It’s great because it’s 20 min and it works the whole body. I get a good calorie burn and a full body workout, focusing on toning while burning.

More bad news, I had to lay off the running for a while because my ankle is shot. HOWEVER, I hope to get some answers at the doc, or at least a plan. I also think I need new running shoes. $$$$$$$$$$ Another perk of having flat feet, (apart from my dad calling me sasquatch because my foot print looks like a giant blob with toes) is that good motion control running shoes (which I have to have because of my stupid flat feet… ) are REALLY expensive.

I get every last penny’s worth out of my running shoes…

But they help, so what can I do!

More scale news: I would like to get to weighing in 2 times a week. Wed and Sat. I think that’s a legit compromise. That’s the plan. (Starting next week.) 🙂

Courtesy of visual photos .com


So that’s the latest. Quick and dirty. That’s all I’ve got tonight. Off to bed, but I am sure I will have more info for you on Tuesday. I’m anxious to talk to my Dr about nutrition…. and you know I’ll share what I learn with you all!


Have a great night!


PS- How about that guest post from Mary?!? Isn’t she something!!!!



Tara is a stay at home mom to two sons. She is a lover of family, friends, food and laughter. Her life is a roller coaster ride full of hilarity, diapers, exercise and fun.

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