Ok, ok, so it’s been 8 months, but fear not here I am!

Hello out there! If anyone still happens to follow this site I would like to first take a moment to say, THANK YOU and I’m Sorry! I realize I’ve been slacking, for the past 8 months or so. Fear not… I’m still here. My kids are (still) kinda crazy and yes, I am still a chubby housewife.

On the plus side, I have learned a few things. The first thing I have learned is that when you are a stay at home mom, you need a place to hide sometimes. My new favorite place is the laundry room. My bestie and I have jokingly named it my clubhouse. I keep asking Curtis to install speakers in there. He refuses. I’ve just recently made the decision to place a bean bag chair in there. Ok, so that hasn’t actually happened yet, but I really want to do it! The beauty of hanging out in the laundry room, is no one actually wants to be in there (could be because this is also where Jack’s diapers get changed) so no one tends to bother me when I am trying to talk on the phone, respond to an email or just  have 37 seconds of quiet. The other benefit is that the clothes are now almost always fresh and folded! (Maybe I should see about moving the dishes in there too.)

The second thing I have learned, which is obviously far more important than the first, is that we, as a family, needed to find a church home. Curtis and I were both brought up going to very traditional churches.So the idea of jumping into a weekly church routine was less than appealing to Curt and the boys. We tried it, it was as much of a battle as we thought it would be, but after a bold switch, we found a new church, which has had a massive impact on our lives. This is a BIG story and I have a lot of updates for you, so I will write another post to tell you all about church very soon, (you know in about 8 months… kidding kidding).

Quick status on the fam: Anthony is now in third grade and is still playing baseball. He has really become a solid player. My dad is his team manager and Curtis is the assistant coach. It’s a riot to see my dad out there surrounded by 7 and 8 year olds. As it turns out 8 year old boys are a pain in the neck. (At least the one living here!) There’s a lot of boundary testing and attitude exploration going on. I spend a LOT of time with my jaws clenched and white hairs are appearing on my head by the dozen. NOT. AWESOME. Despite the drama, he is a sweet sweet kid and will often just catch me off guard by saying genuinely kind things. He has a good heart even though it is sometimes masked by his temper. *Sorry AJ- that came straight down the blood line from Mommy.


Jack is doing really well with his speech. (I think I had written about his delay back in 1984 when I wrote my last post.) He has made great strides and his therapist (who I LOVE and will be so sad when Jack turns three and ages out of the program) said he wouldn’t even qualify for services at this point. Pretty amazing. As I type this he actually just bounced in here, and said “Mommy, what you doing?” then said “I press it” and tried to help type. (Which, for the record is NOT helpful.) He has an absolutely adorable voice and face, which helps tremendously because he is a full blown prankster. His favorite question is “Funny?!?” As in, “Don’t you think I am funny?” When we tell him that it is NOT funny to spit water or explode a taco onto the kitchen floor, he shakes his head and reassures us with a “Yes, funny.” He is still a full on menace  and I find myself saying “Nice boys don’t: (hit, spit, throw baseballs at the tv, take their pants off in a restaurant, etc etc).” His response is to put his hands on his hips and say “YES. I. DO!” God help me. It’s a really good thing he is cute.


Curtis is still working at the same place, doing the same stuff, facing the same challenges as everyone else in the tech world. He’s lucky to work with people he likes, to be able to work from home a lot and to know that he has a solid company to back him up. He has gotten really involved in the church and is now known as “THE GUY” for set design after dominating a massive set build out for the Vacation Bible School. He’s doing a weekly class and is finding more of a sharing voice for himself. (He’s gonna be thrilled that I’m talking about him!!) We will have our 10 year anniversary this year. 10 years sounds a lot longer than it feels. We’ve had some challenges this year and are still working on figuring out how to not kill each other, verbally that is. I am not the easiest person to live with, but with a lot of discussion, weekly scheduled date nights, a new budget, and one repaired basement door, (which I may or may not have put a hole in with a sippy cup,) we are still plugging along. Some days we are trudging up mountains, in the snow, barefoot… (like tonight when I was trying to help AJ study his vocab for tomorrow’s test. Curtis thought it would be a good time to be a comedian and make faces behind me. I had a few choice words for him.) Some days we are coasting smoothly along, but ups and downs, we are still here.

And now, me. I have had some amazing blessings tossed my way. The greatest being finding the person who is the equivalent of my long lost sister.  We had met years ago when our boys were in kindergarten and then reconnected in January at a happy hour. We bonded over stories of our crazy two year olds, and I quickly realized she was the missing piece in my life. She’s the person you will see me refer to as “my bestie”. She’s good at helping me to see myself from another viewpoint, which, for me, is really hard, but she also has the capability of making me feel like I could jump over the moon if I wanted to. We spend so much time together, our  families as well, that her kids call me Momma T and mine refer to her and her hubby and Auntie and Uncle. (Names withheld to protect the innocent!) She has been a big part of my inspiration to get back to writing and a huge source of support in everything I do. Here we are doing the Electric Run this fall!!


My bestie and me. In tutus. Because anything worth doing is worth overdoing!

Yes, my tutu did have blinking lights on it. Thank you for asking.

Confessions: I have been too lazy to coupon and have a mountain of newspapers in a bin, most of which are probably expired, I packed on 25 pounds in a 6 week period this summer starting when Curtis had a pretty solid health scare, which segued nicely into vacations and a LOT of happy hours. (This is what happens in the summer when most of your friends are teachers!!!) PS Curtis is fine, as confirmed by thousands of hours at the ER and various Dr’s offices. I have quit and gone back to running 74 times. I have burned off and put back on 15 of those 25 pounds, SEVERAL times. (I am on a downward trend right now, but it’s still not so pretty). We are still (well, technically we are “back to” since there were a few post happy hour trips to Taco Bell for 4th meal this summer… ooops) eating clean which really has made a big difference in overall health for all of us. All in all, not anything too dramatic or shocking.

The biggest change you are going to see moving forward is that I am going to really try to lay it all out there. The good, the bad and the horrifying. My posts have tended to be fairly safe. Here’s the great stuff I’ve done, here’s a recipe, etc etc.  My bestie asked me the other day why I wasn’t writing anymore. My reply was basically that I was not doing things well enough to talk about. That’s been weighing on my mind a bit. I’ve been gradually, (although I really need to grab the book and barricade myself in the clubhouse because it’s really just amazing) reading Carry On Warrior by Glennon Melton and she basically starts out by talking about how she is going to open herself to the world because she’d rather help others with her truth than be worried about perception and what’s appropriate. This concept is both terrifying and deliciously appealing to me.  Being afraid to write on my own page because I am screwing up left and right, is ridiculous and restrictive, and really doesn’t help anyone. By the way, if you are not currently following her blog, do yourself (and everyone around you) a favor and go there, RIGHT NOW, Momastery.com. Seriously.

So from here on, I am going to try my best to be raw and real and tell you the whole ugly truth about life around these parts. Don’t get me wrong, there’s no major tragedy, no deep dark family secrets to reveal. For the most part the negative things are my own emotions and reactions to a pretty normal life. Today I had a particularly dark day and found myself on the phone while my bestie, sitting in my dark closet, trying to put into words what was making me feel so low. She told me, with strength, kindness and love, that I was so busy worrying about tomorrows that may or may not happen that I was missing all of the beauty of my life today.  So I promise to still share the hilarious and the good, which, with these boys and their shenanigans and nonsense, there is and always will be plenty of material, but will be a little more real about the dark and moody, because let’s face it, registering a webpage is a lot cheaper than going to therapy!

I am now off to go quiz Anthony for the 578th time tonight on learned behaviors and behavioral adaptations. Hmmmmm. Learned behaviors…. As they say, paybacks are a bitch. Third grade is hard. Especially on the parents!!!

Thanks for sticking around. I know my quick update turned out to be anything but, however, if this isn’t your first visit to this page, you know that’s just how I roll!

And now for some ridiculous pics:


Jack and his bestie! Good chance they tried to throw each other out of the cart right after this pic


Look Ma, it still fits! No AJ it does not, but we will keep this pic for your wedding!


Family trip to the pumpkin patch… in the rain!



More soon!!   Hugs, T


Tara is a stay at home mom to two sons. She is a lover of family, friends, food and laughter. Her life is a roller coaster ride full of hilarity, diapers, exercise and fun.

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