Who the heck is the Chubby Housewife?

I am calling myself the chubby housewife, because I think chubby sounds way cuter than fat, hefty, chunky, husky, or (gasp) plus sized. Chubby sounds like cute pudgy baby toes and round cheeks! Why bring weight up at all? Because I have a tendency to fixate on things and right now, a big chunk (ha) of my life revolves around weight loss and exercise. I have actually lost 48 pounds and have another 74 to go to reach my goal. Hopefully this will be inspiring for any other chubby crusaders out there and we can commiserate as we mourn the loss of cheese fries together!

I tend to write exactly the way I talk, and I LOVE to talk, so I apologize in advance if I am long winded at times. I am easily excitable and as Curtis would tell you if he could get a word in, VERY LOUD! I am a little OCD, a bit of a germaphobe, and fiercely protective of my family. I love to cook, have a quick temper which I blame on my spicy Italian blood and even though I often shift focus, what ever I am currently working on, I become completely absorbed in.

What I love: Laughing, cooking, reading, baking, The New England Patriots, playing with my boys, hanging with friends and family, crisp autumn days and nights, the beach, swimming, hosting parties, Christmas, singing, dancing, winter, New Hampshire and playing in the snow!

What makes me crazy: When my house is a mess, people who lie, not having enough time to get everything done, people who don’t hold the door open for you (RUDE!), not being able to do everything I want to for my kids, clutter, and when people are unkind for no reason.

I’m really hoping that this blog becomes a place where people will come for a laugh, for helpful info, and to share their own great stories and ideas.