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Egg Sausage Bake 5

Egg Sausage Bake

This is one of my favorite breakfast dishes. It’s a super easy and you can make it the night before. It’s perfect for brunches, when you have over night guests and I make it...


Cucumber, Blueberry & Feta Salad

Here’s a tasty dish that’s fabulous for summer. It’s easy, cheap, healthy and delish!   3 large cucumbers peeled and sliced into 1″ half circles (I use the English seedless ones) 2 cups fresh blueberries rinsed...

Tish Smith’s Pasta Salad 2

Tish Smith’s Pasta Salad

This is a dish my family makes every year and people always ask for the recipe. I generally end up making at least 3 batches just for Memorial Day weekend parties. It’s not terribly...